Tickets 2019


Festival Events are curated and owned by the Festival. There are 19 Festival Events in this year’s Festival. Some Festival Events can be purchased as part of a Festival Pass (see below).

NOTE: 10 of the 19 Festival Events are eligible for inclusion in a Festival Pass. A Celebration of Abilities, Sensory Concerts®, Tigers and Teapots and events providing food are not included.

Umbrella Events are curated and owned by outside organisations and performed during the Festival. There are 14 Umbrella Events in this year’s Festival. Umbrella events are NOT eligible to be included in the Festival Pass.

Click on the buttons above to purchase tickets, or follow the links from the Events pages on
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Festival Pass – 6 events for the price of 4!

Festival Passes must be purchased before 5pm on Tuesday the 6th of August, 2019.  

The Newcastle Music Festival Pass (FP) entitles you to:

  • free admission to the Miriam Allan Vocal Masterclass OR
  • free admission to the Andrew Blanch Guitar Masterclass
  • plus 5 additional eligible Festival Pass events for the cost of 4 events purchased separately.
  • There are 8 additional Festival Pass events from which to choose your 5 events.

For more information on how to book a Festival Pass click here or watch the video below.

Need help in purchasing a Festival Pass? The following ‘walk-through’ video will show you how to navigate the process.

Tickets will still be available at the door for most Festival Events should you miss the discounted rate of a Festival Pass.

Group (Bulk) Bookings are available for many of our events. For Group (Bulk) Bookings follow the booking prompts for the particular event.